Year of Production:


Other members of the Team:

Je Regarde Studio :
-Carlos De Carvalho:
Direction, 2D Artist, Render, Compositing
-Aude Danset:
Direction, Production, 2D Artist, Render
-Jeremy Theng:
-Thomas Lecourt:
2D Environment Animation
-Guillaume Polveche:
Technical Direction

In Efecto Studio:
Production Manager, Characters Rigging and Characters Animation

Melting Productions Studio:
Production Manager

The Project:

A short movie about the meeting of Abel and Apolline.

What I've done:

Technical Direction

FX Development, Placement and Render:
-Snow Footprints
-Moving Snow
-Melting Snow
-Frost on Hand
-Ground Handprints
-Skeleton Coming out of ground
-Strands Trees Simulation
-Vegetation Simulation (Leaves, Flowers)
-Falling Leaves
-Leaves Tornado
-Withering Leave
-Growing Strands Trees
-Growing Vegetation (Leaves,Flowers,Moss)
-Passage of Seasons on the Final Tree

Toolbars and Plugins Development
3D Environment Riggind and Animation


-Frederic Boulard:
Original Score
-Chirstian Cartier:
Sound Engineer
-Xavier Drouault:
Foley Artist

Technical Information:

After Effect