Professional project:

2D/3D Animator

Diploma and studies:

2012: First year of Computer Graphics master (2 years studies) in PoleIIID, Roubaix (France, 59)
2011: Computer Graphics degree (3 years studies) in PoleIIID, Roubaix (France, 59)
2008: A-Levels in engineering sciences and technics, specialisation in applied arts, Lycee Saint Vincent, Loos (France, 59)

Professional experience:

2012: Animation at "Je Regarde", Saint-Andre (France, 59)

(during 2days)

Work on the advertising clip "B'Coool" for Decathlon.
- 3D Animation (characters and bikes) with Softimages.
- 3D Positioning of animations.

2011: Animation work experience at "Je Regarde", Saint-Andre (France, 59)

(during 3 months)

Work on the video clip "Do I Have Power" for the Timber Timbre music band.
- 3D Character animation with Softimages.
- 2D Animation (Rain, vegetation, insects) with After Effects.
- Ant modelisation and setup then ants crowd with ICE (Softimage)
- Configuration of passes and render.

2010: Graphics Design work experience at "Wipon", Lille (France, 59)

(during 2 months)

Animation cycles data bank (walking, running, flying...) designed for "Rik & Rok" episodes (XSi Softimage)
Storyboards for "Quelle" and "Grosbill" TV billboards (Photoshop)
3D animation of a character, rendering and integration in a 2D animation (3DSMax, After Effect)
Matte Painting and special effects in filmed shots for the "Blast" series (After Effect)

2009: Graphics Design work experience at "Wipon", Lille (France, 59)

(during 2 months)

TV Billboards carried out for "Princesse Amandine" and "Saveur en Or" (After effect)
Concept Sketches for "Oxylane"
Storyboard and animatic video for a "Decathlon" video
Short movie of 2min designed to introduce "Stratermic" (Photoshop, After Effect)

2006: Photography work experience at "Studio Jean-Christophe Hecquet", La Bassee (France, 59)

(during 1 week)


Regular drawing pratice.
Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effect, Combution, Sketchup, 3DSMax, Maya, XSI Softimage, Audition, Pro Tools, Ableton Live.
Languages: English (medium level), Spanish (basics) and basics knowledge of Japanese (2 years)


Drawing, computer graphics, photography
Music (Electric guitar, keyboard, computer music composition, didgeridoo...)


Pierric Danjou



Location :

Lille - FRANCE


Fourth year student


2D/3D Animation